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Luchsinger Vineyards, Lake County, California
Lake County Grapes for Sale

2018 Grapes For Sale
Sauvignon Blanc 150 T
Merlot 100 T
Muscat Canelli 40 T
Tempranillo 20 T
Semillon 15 T

Call Bernie at: (707)489-8924
Call Pilar at: (707)489-2632
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Our vineyards are located in Lake County, California. Lake County is a rural enclave just north of Napa County and east of Mendocino County. Lake County surrounds one of North America's oldest lakes, Clear Lake. Our vineyards are farmed with 40 years of grape growing experience. We have vineyards in several sites throughout Lake County ranging from alluvial riverbed soils to red volcanic hillside soils. Our farming philosophy is to be watchful, meticulous and chemical free where possible, allowing each site to produce high quality fruit. We have worked with many winemakers over the years and understand that there are many styles of wine and we can tailor our farming practices to suit particular styles. Give us a call to discuss what we have available for this year or in the future as we are in the business for a lifetime.
Press about our Lake County vineyard:
New York Times: "It Takes One Grape to Reimagine California Wine"
San Francisco Chronicle: "Top 100 Wines"

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